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Wedding and Boudoir Photography Business (Sole Proprietorship)

Lininger Rood Photography is a family owned business operated out of the Midwest United States that focuses on all types of family photography; weddings, engagements, elopements, and boudoir photo sessions.

Founding Date:

Marie Rood and John Rood

Blue Springs, Missouri

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Lininger Rood Photography is a grassroots start-up born from the desire to take great photos. Marie has always had a camera in her hand and John is a project manager. Together. they tell stories.

S. Marie Rood
Born: 1985 in Colorado Springs, CO
Marie dreams big; she runs full bore at them and believes that they will guide her. She's right. Her dreams are every bit as beautiful as she is and it shows in her work.
Marie enlisted in the U.S. Army in 2003 as a Human Resources Specialist. During her time in the Army she served as a Drill Sergeant, a Platoon Sergeant, a College Instructor, and a mentor. She currently holds the rank of Sergeant First Class. 



John R. Rood
Born: 1973 in Benton, Arkansas
John is a maker, builder, organizer, writer, programmer, analyst, staffer, and a manager,
John has a passion for creating. He has applied his natural curiosity and professional skill to bringing realistic expectations, to the LRP brand and optimizing what works.
John enlisted in the U.S. Army in 1990 and currently holds the rank of Major. He has served as a Modeling and Simulations Officer, Foreign Logistics Adviser, and Security Force Adviser.  
John has a BS In Computer Science from Austin Peay State University and a MA in Supply Chain Management from Websters University, and is published.

The Project manager

Nothing is more important to us than family. It is why we do everything that we do.


This is Jahna and Marah Rood. They are everything; dynamic individuals and as different as night and day. 


Business Name:
Lininger Rood Photography 

Business Address:
913 SE Sienna Ct,
Blue Springs, Missouri, USA


Tel: 530-762-9539 

General Business Activities: Lininger Rood Photography is built on the Model established by Marie Rood for Shawnta' Marie Photography. Our traditional business model is based on the principle of providing the most value to our clients for a fair price. Our resources are focused primarily on the wedding industry, although other types of photography is welcomed. 

Business Information

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Company Strategy

Purpose: To be a leader in the event photography business by providing the absolute best value without compromising quality of products delivered or service performed.

Vision: To provide quality services that exceeds the expectations of our wide range of clients.

Mission Statement: To capture moments while they are happening and reproduce perfect images that tell the story of our clients most precious moments so they can be preserved and cherished over and over again.

Core values
• We believe that every moment is beautiful
• We are not a great match for all clients and not all clients are a great match for us 
• We will always deliver the best products and services that we can  

• Select no more than 18 clients per season and treat each one as if they are the only one
• Reinvest all profits on education, equipment, networking, and growth of the brand 
• Maintain a fair (spotless) reputation in the field of event photography 

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